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Revelations -- January 6th, 2013

The Overcomer – המנצח

When the Messiah המשיח appears

in his glory, he gives seven promises

of rewards to the one who overcomes.

The word 'overcomer'

in Hebrew is 'Menatseach.' מנצח

The root of this word is 'Netsach' נצח

which means eternity or forever.

It also means victory.

This means that the overcomer is

working for the victory that lasts forever.

Menatseach מנצח can also be the

intensive active form of the Hebrew verb.

So the Overcomer could be construed

to be putting eternity into action through victory,

or through eternity to put victory into action.

The book of Psalms contains many Psalms

that are prefaced with the word Menatseach מנצח .

These Psalms contain attributes

that will enable a person to overcome.

They should be studied in connection

with the seven promises of reward

that the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע

gives to those who overcome.

We know that the Word of Hashem is true,

and that it will surely come to pass,

and be established in the life

of everyone who overcomes

and obtains the promises.

We will first look at

the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע,

and his seven promises of reward.

Then we will look at the Psalms

that are prefaced by 'Menatseach' מנצח

and see how some of them

apply to the promises of the Messiah.


When the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע ,

the Son of David הבן דוד,

the Messiah of Israel המשיח של ישראל ,

appears in his resurrection glory,

this is how he is described by the prophet.

"And I turned to see the voice

that spoke with me,

And being turned,

I saw seven golden menorahs

[or a menorah with seven golden lamps]

and in the midst of the seven menorahs,

one like to the Son of man,

clothed with a garment down to the foot,

and girded about the chest

with a golden breastplate.

His head and hairs were white like wool,

as white a snow;

and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

And his feet were like fine brass,

as if they burned in a furnace;

and his voice as the sound of many waters.

And he had in his right hand seven stars;

and out of his mouth went

a sharp twoedged sword;

and his countenance was as the sun

shining in his strength."

ופניתי לראות את הקול

המדבר אלי וכשפניתי

ראיתי שבע מנורות זהב

ובין שבע המנורות

כמראה בן אדם

עוטה מעיל עד מרגלותיו

וחגור חגורת זהב על חזהו

ראשו ושערו לבנים כצמר לבן כשלג

ועיניו כשלהבת אש:

רגליו כמו נחשת נוצצת

שנצרפה בכור

וקולו כקול מים רבים:

ביד ימינו שבעה כוכבים:

מפיו יוצאת חרב פיפיות חדה

ופניו כשמש המאירה בגבורתה:

The Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע

then spoke in his discourse

the seven promises of reward

to the overcomer המנצח.

We will proceed to list these

seven promises of reward.


Promise #1.

"To him who overcomes למנצח

I will give to eat

of the tree of life

which is in the midst

of the garden of G-d."

למנצח אתן לו לאכול

מעץ החיים

אשר בגן אלהים:

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Repent and return

to your first love."


Promise #2

"To him who overcomes

LaMenatseach למנצח

he shall not be hurt

of the second death.

Be faithful to death,

and I will give you

a crown of life."

המנצח לא ינזק

במות השני:

היה נאמן עד מות

ואתן לך עטרת החיים :

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Be faithful unto death."


Promise #3

"To him who overcomes למנצח

I will give to eat of the Hidden Manna;

And I will give him a white stone,

and in the stone a new name written,

which no man knows

except he who receives it."

למנצח ואתן לו

מן המן הגנוז:

ואתן לו אבן לבנה

ועל האבן כתוב שם חדש

אשר לא ידענו איש

זולתי המקבל:

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Reject the doctrine of Balaam,

who taught the children of Israel

to eat things sacrificed to idols,

and to commit fornication.

Also reject the doctrine

of the Nicolaitanes.


Promise #4.

"That what you have,

hold fast until I come.

To him who overcomes למנצח

and keeps my works to the end,

I will give him power over the nations,

and he shall rule them

with a rod of iron;

as the vessels of a potter

shall they be broken to shivers:

even as I have received of my Father.

And I will give to him the morning star."

החזיק במה שיש לכם

עד אשר אבא:

למנצח ושומר את מעשי עד קץ

אתן לו סמכות על הגויים

וירעה אותם בשבט ברזל

ככלי חרס ינפצו

כשם שגם אני קבלתי

סמכות מאת אבי:

ואתן לו את כוכב השחר:

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Reject and Cast out

the woman Jezebel,

who teaches my servants

to commit fornication,

and to eat things

sacrificed to idols."


Promise #5.

"To him who overcomes למנצח

he shall be clothed in white raiment;

and I will not blot out his name

out of the book of life,

but I will confess his name

before my Father,

and before his angels."

למנצח ילבש בגדים לבנים

ולא אמחה את שמו

מספר החיים

ואודה את שמו לפני אבי

ולפני מלאכיו:

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Be watchful,

and Strengthen the things that remain

that are ready to die.

Remember how you have received

and heard,

and hold fast,

and repent.

Do not defile your garments."


Promise #6.

"Behold, I come quickly;

hold fast that which you have,

that no man take your crown.

To him that overcomes המנצח

I will make him a pillar

in the temple of my G-d,

and he shall go no more out;

and I will write upon him

the name of my G-d,

and the name of the city of my G-d,

the new Jerusalem,

which comes down out of heaven

from my G-d.

And I will write upon him

my new name."

הנה אני בא מהר:

החזק במה שיש לך

כדי שלא יקח איש

את העטרת שלך:

למנצח אעשהו עמוד בהיכל אלהי

ולא יצא עוד החוצה

ואכתוב עליו

את שם אלהי

ואת שם עיר אלהי

ירושלים החדשה

היורדת משמים מאת אלהי

ואת שמי החדש:

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Proclaim my Word;

Keep the Word of my Patience;

I have set before you an open door.

Be strong,

and do not deny my name."


Promise #7.

"To him who overcomes המנצח

I will grant him to sit with me

in my throne,

even as I also overcame,

and am set down with my Father

in his throne."

למנצח אתן לו

לשבת אתי על כסאי

כמו שגם אני נצחתי

וישבתי עם אבי

על כסאו:

The exhortation of the Messiah המשיח

which he gives in order to overcome:

"Turn from being lukewarm;

receive my rebuke and chastening;

Buy gold from me,

and buy white raiment from me;

Anoint your eyes with my eyesalve,

that you may see.

Be zealous,

and repent."



The Book of Psalms ספר תהלים

is subdivided into five smaller books.

Some of the Psalms are prefaced

by the words 'To him who overcomes'

or LaMenatseach למנצח.

These are the Psalms that we are

interested in examining

because the Messiah המשיח

directed his promises with the same preface.

We will list the numbers of these Psalms

within each of their five books.

Book #1 {Psalms 1-41} ספר ראשון

To the Overcomer למנצח

Psalms 4-6. 3 Psalms

Psalms 8-9. 2 Psalms

Psalms 11-14. 4 Psalms

Psalm 18 [Prophecies of Messiah]. 1 Psalm

Psalms 19-22. 4 Psalms

Psalm 31. 1 Psalm

Psalm 36. 1 Psalm

Psalms 39-41. 3 Psalms

Total Number 18 Psalms


Book #2 {Psalms 42-72} ספר שני

To the one who overcomes למנצח

Psalm 44 [Sweeping Prophetic Vision]. 1 Psalm

Psalms 45-47. 3 Psalms

Psalm 49. 1 Psalm

Psalms 51-62. 12 Psalms

Psalms 64-70. 7 Psalms

Total Number 24 Psalms


Book #3 {Psalms 73-89} ספר שלישי

To him who overcomes למנצח

Psalms 75-77. 3 Psalms

Psalms 80-81. 2 Psalms

Psalms 84-85. 3 Psalms

Total Number 7 Psalms


Book #4 {Psalms 90-106} ספר רביעי

To the Overcomer למנצח

Total Number 0 Psalms


Book #5 {Psalms 107-150} ספר חמישי

To the one who overcomes למנצח

Psalm 109. 1 Psalm

Psalm 139-140. 2 Psalms

Total Number 3 Psalms


All of these 'Menatseach' מנצח Psalms

are linked to the seven promises with rewards

that the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע

gives to each Menatseach.

They need to be studied in conjunction

with these promises

and correlated with them.

Ask the Holy Spirit הרוח הקודש

to give you insight and revelation.

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